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            MPIREBOYZ is an International Car Club aiming to unify Car Enthusiasts from all around the World. What initially began as a hobby between a few friends coming together to share a common love and interest in motorsports is what inspired the entire movement. In time, MPIREBOYZ has spread from the streets of NYC where it all began, making its way to the West Coast. Today we are proud to announce that not only do we have several chapters in different states here in the US, but we have also branched out Globally with an ever-growing list of Chapters in countries such as; Dubai, South Africa, Poland, Japan, as well as several others. MPIREBOYZ has become a comprehensive network of true car enthusiasts. From vehicle decals to the creation of an authentic car culture inspired clothing line with a goal to cultivate the MPIREBOYZ brand into our daily lives. Social Media networking, product branding, as well as building local and long distance connections, have successfully created a family where each member has become a key part of our storyline. As time goes on we aim for this new community we have created to grow stronger developing integral bonds between our members from all around the world! 

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